Homebrew Is there a program for the computer that will allow you to take 2 ram dumps and compare them to find pointers for the switch?


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Nov 21, 2005
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If there is nothing dedicated to the Switch It might still be worth trying some of the older RAM pointer finding tools -- if there is not a generic one then it should at least find you something and have it appear as a the pointers for that system and once you found where the thing is (or the start of the pointer chain) then you can work things out. The way they work* is you feed them a location of a known piece of data and then the location from another run, it will look to find anything that has a relative location that will match the locations of the known piece of data (or more likely some part of it if it is an array or something).

You could do something manual with a hex editor but I would not care to do it.

*that text description is accurate but possibly confusing.

Data you have is DEADBEEF. For the same of the example we are assuming it means you have this much money in the game.
In run 1 it is located at 100h
In run 2 it is located at 80h
If you can get a third run that will help. This time it is 90h.
It will look for something that points 20h less between 1 and 2, and in the middle as well for run 3.

If you know the nature of the pointers (I will assume they are direct pointers but there are ways things might do maths to find what you want) you can do much to bash the hex editor to resemble it, or just stick enough file before it that it appears like it would in a proper memory address.
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