Is there a Mario Strikers Charged Football Gamecube Controller Support Code anywhere?

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    NOTE: I am talking about on the wii itself...not on dolphin. Just so there is no confusion.

    I know it may not seem likely that they would have one...but this is the PAL version of the game that I am using.
    This game is really good. But would be about 10 times better using a gamecube controller!

    Here are the original controls for the game itself

    • A button: Pass ball, switch control of players when not in possession of the ball. During a mega strike, use A to block the ball.
    • B button: Charge/Shoot ball. When the Mega Strike meter is activated, the B button also controls your selection
    • Analog stick: Move, point in the direction you want to go
    • Z Button: Chip ball ahead
    • Z+A: Air pass
    • Z+B: Lob shot
    • C button: Use items
    • Shake remote: hit/tackle players
    • D-Pad: On offense, use a deke to throw defenders off, on defense, use for slide tackle/steal.
    This is how I would set it up on the gamecube controller
    [Wii controls -> gamecube controls]

    A -> A
    B -> B
    Z -> Z
    C -> Y
    D-Pad -> X
    + -> Start

    Now if someone has figured a way to use the controller stick as the motion cursor (for any game for that matter, not just this one, but this post is specifically meant towards strikers charged football), that would be amazing!

    Like I say, this is ONLY a thought I had (after playing Super Mario Strikers and playing Mario Strikers Charged Football in comparison)

    In my personal opinion I like all the extra stuff they added to Strikers Charged, but it would be more comfortable to play it on a gamecube controller.

    That's just my opinion though.

    If anyone has worked on this, please let me know, if not...let me know regardless, lol
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    I've to disappoint you but if a game isn't already supporting a specific device (GC controller in your case) you can't fix it by just swapping a few bytes.
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