Is there a goomba color or other GBC emulator which saves state?

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by romanaOne, Apr 19, 2014.

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    where the potential goes to zero
    Is it possible to save state ("real-time save") in a GBC games in any version of goomba color?
    Is there another emulator?

    I prefer to use EZ-Flash IV in a GBA. Not wild about the NDS hardware. I hate laptop-style hinges which break and custom lithium batteries which become scarce and expensive.

    I think I have a 2013 EZ-Flash IV as the NOR is only working with the 1.74 Vader firmware from the ezflash site. I got what I thought was the newest goomba color at filetrip. (There's not a lot there for GBA.)

    Nothing happens when I choose SAVE or LOAD on the L+R menu.

    EXIT works and causes the SAV file to be written, but some platform games will drive you nuts without the ability to save ANYWHERE, LOL.
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    Jan 17, 2012
    From my experience regarding goombacolor you sometimes have to press L+R after saving inside the game to make it actually save correctly. This happens to me in Links Awakening DX and Surrvival Kids. Both of them have backgrounds. But when I play Oracle of Ages, Wario Land 3 and other games that do not have a background all I have to do is save in game and turn off my gameboy.

    Edit: Just saw that you wanted to save the state. This is not possible in goombacolor. It's a left over from the old goomba with only runs gameboy games, not color.

    Off topic:
    You can grab a fully working clear looks skin for the 2013 edition here
    You should want to choose the 1.74 version from the zip (Clearlooks v5 (1.74).bin - rename this ezfla_up.bin)



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    Jul 5, 2012
    your only option for savestates is to use goomba. most gbc games are dual-boot so they work on goomba too. you can then transfer your save game to the goomba color too.