Is there a GB/GBC Trainer Maker out there

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    Quick question, hoping someone might know the answer to.

    Is there a Trainer Maker for Gameboy/Gameboy Color games out there? You know something like GBAATM but for GBC and GB games?
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    If you can find game genie codes then you can hardpatch them into the rom with CCCGP: (there was a gbatemp thread around here, cracker who makes GBAATM does that as well). They are somewhat rare for the GB though.

    As for something like it (code searching, patching in routines to change memory as required or even the more basic fiddling with instruction) I do not think there is anything. The best you can do here is to make your own codes with something like and then figure out a way to convert them to game genie (or patch in yourself). The techniques for such a feat are very similar to

    edit: forgot to mention there are a whole bunch of trainers available