Is there a flashcart that works for nintendo switch?

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    Your first step would be to determine if your Switch is even hackable. That depends on the serial number. Earlier ones are good. Later units sent out of the factory have updated hardware preventing the hacks (so far...maybe permanently -??). Just do a Google search for "Hackable Nintendo Switch Serial Numbers" Look for the GBATEMP website in the listing. *other places might have this same listing if you don't see GBATEMP. That list is very helpful. Well the middle areas of the serial number points is an UNKNOWN area. You will have to check your console to see if it will go into RCM mode. Hit or miss, around those serial numbers. I can't link to were you need to go. I have restrictions since I am a new member. Good Luck!!!
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    Yeah... No. Don't be giving out "advice" like that. Updating backups gets you banned, no matter if you do it in OFW or not.
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    Nope, it doesn't. Here's your workflow.
    a) Only use XCI's.
    b) Mount and unmount the ones you want to update.
    c) Boot vanilla/stock
    d) Select each game (which as far as the Switch is aware, are games that have been in the cart slot recently) and update.
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    Why wouldn't you just download an NSP of the patch online? They're not hard to find. And it would be much easier than making it yourself. It's still a bit ban risky, but much easier than jumping through all the hoops of making it.
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    The whole point of acquiring updates otherwise than using nsps is not getting banned, because installing unsigned nsps will get you banned one hundred percent sooner or later.
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    Yeah, it looks like AliExpress have started cracking down on RCM dongles as there are only a couple of listings for it and they don't provide pictures. But I'm sure the sellers will relist them as quickly as AliExpress removes them.