Is there a Dump of DSwiki that is not a lot of Mega bytes?

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    I want to use the DSwiki but when I try to download the english version of wikipedia its 3.6Gb. My Micro SD is only 2gb and I have a R4. Is there anyway I can make it be less than 3.6 Gb. Like at most it will be 200Mb? I don't need the whole Wikipedia. I just need some stuff. Like only the stuff that are about video games and TV shows. And everything that is about Pokemon and stuff like that is there anyway to do so? Can anyone make it be less Mega bytes by deleting some stupid info that I won't need in it. Like you can delete some random stuff like you can delete every topic about Celebrity and famous People. You can also delete everything about Countrys and stuff like that. I just really want stuff about TV shows and Video Games also Pokemon.

    If you can't do that for me can you at least do this for me?

    How can I get Bulbapedia and on my DSwiki. Does anyone know the Dump for it so I can put it on my DSwiki.
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    You can use the wikia dumps from

    They are small and have all the topics you mentioned. Install 7-zip if you don't already have it. Then decompress the pages_current.xml.gz for the wikia dump you want, then use 7-zip to "add to archive" the pages_current.xml and choose bzip2 for the archive format. Then drop the resulting pages_current.xml.bz2 over the indexer.exe and you can use the resulting files with dswiki.