Is the EZ-FLASH OMEGA Definitive Edition compatibility better?


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Dec 28, 2006
I have the original.
Wondering if the EZ-FLASH OMEGA Definitive Edition has better compatibility. With cheats, save stats on?
Or is it the same. The omega for the most part plays the games. But id like savestats and cheats to work with more games. With that option off it plays most games I want to play. A bit less with it on but i am ok with that. Everdrive doesn't even have cheats or savestats. Everdrive is a better quialty product. I need cheats. savestats are cool also.
I like picture box art. kinda gives me a idea what to play. Must be the same with this one also.
Hope for a 100% version or close in the future if not.
The extra features look cool thou. Rumble why not. Solor games already have patch versions anyways. Kinda want tilt for pinball and kirby tat.
The switch on the side kinda looks delicet and hard to push. Is it even needed. Should of put it on the top or something and more sturdy and tough..
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