Is the eWin Expansion Pak compatible with...

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    I was looking for a Slot-2 Flash Card. And i found the eWin Expansion Pak pretty nice. Is it compatible with the R4? I mean as you know, or not, the R4 Menu has 3 icons, Games, Moonshell, and Slot-2 Runner. So when i press A on it, will it run the eWin Expansion Pak if its on my Slot-2? And I know that it doesnt have Cheat function, is it possible, anyway to put Cheat Function in it? And can you put a 2 GB Micro SD Card in it? Or does it only except its internal memory?
    Oh and where can i buy it? Cause i know the official website is in Chinese. And i cant seem to find the "Resellers" tab. And im looking for a site based on USA or Canada. I dont care if its from anywhere else, but it should support Worldwide shipping.
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    Just use Google or AltaVista or whatever search engine you like to find sellers ...

    It's not rocket science ... if you just enter the name of the product, you'll get sites with reviews of it, site with info on it, sites which sell it.

    Just enter "ewin expansion 3-in-1 buy" into a search engine ... without the quotes ... it's a good place to start.

    Most of the places that have a good stock of them, at good prices, are in the UK or HK, though.
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    I'm pretty sure it is. You'll have to download the launcher though, of course.
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    United States has them. About $15 shipped.

    Yes, I believe it is compatible with the R4, but there is no such thing as "running" the eWin Expansion Pack (the "slot2 runner" option of the R4 firmware is for something else). Some firmware can apparently load GBA games directly without a loader program, but I don't think the R4 can. You'll need a GBA loader program such as the eWin GBA Loader or Rudolph's GBA ExpLoader.

    Your GBA games are stored on your slot1 cart (the R4) and you use a loader program to load the GBA you want to play onto the expansion pack. The expansion pack itself only has enough internal memory to load a single GBA game. When you run the loader, it will give you a list of GBA games on your slot1 card and you simply select one to load onto the internal memory of your GBA expansion pack and run it.

    The GBA loader programs also have a function to "patch" the eWin expansion pack to allow it to work as additional memory required by the Opera browser. Alternately, there is a patch for the Opera browser that will allow it to recognize the expansion pack as memory without using a loader.

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    Try ofr where to buy. As for compatible with the R4 I have read that it is but you do not load it from the Slot 2 front screen. From what I can tell you download the system file and store it on the memory card - I believe it is an NDS file.

    You then select that nds file instead of a game and it loads the relevant menu etc so long as the eWin Expansion Pak is in the DS. You can downlaod the system file for eWin from teh downloads / loaders and firmware / eWin Series of this site. I believe it would be teh loader 1.6.0 created December 30-07.

    I am not 100% on compatibility etc but I have been led to believe you can use it on the R4
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    It should work find with an R4, and most other carts.

    There is no cheat function you can add. However, you can apply cheat patches to the rom itself, or run the game in an emulator, apply cheats to get stuff, then save and transfer to your cart.

    The main reason I got an eWin was that it allowed clean ROMs, you didn't need to patch; having to deal with the various patchers and incompatibilities among them was a headache I was glad to avoid. The first time you launched a game, GBALdr would create a 'patch file' for it, and apply it when transferring to the expansion pack, leaving the original untouched. However, GBAExploader now does the same with a number of carts, negating the biggest advantage in my eyes an eWin had over a 3-in-1.

    At any rate, you can use the GBALdr 1.6 launcher, but from what I understand (I haven't had the time to test it out) the new GBAExploader is a better choice, and offers a number of nice features (such as multiple save slots).
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    YSmenu on the R4 has integrated support for all ram pack including the Ewin so you don't need a loader anymore.