Is reading,listening & patience gone in the time we live ?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by alexander1970, Feb 6, 2019.

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    people prioritize effective use of time over risky use of time for things that don't look like they'll pan out? what an interesting way to look at it, i like it!
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    I think thats self patronizing.

    I'm more in the humans (as 'masses') are not complex, altruistic, thoughtful, planing, or rational actors camp.

    Give them Kim Kardashian ("I too could become famous, for doing noting at all!"), free pron, and Instagram and their needs are satisfied better than ever. They then have short spurts - of "wait a minute I want some form of education" - then you give them wikihow tutorials or forums like these where they can ask by the thousands "whats the easiest way to..." and "can you make youtube tutorial for this?" - and you've satisfied that need as well..

    The reason why people are stuck in instragram cultures are dopamine fixes, that also benefit commercialism. And thats pretty much the end of it. Everyone knows it. Depression numbers are rising - every settled CEO in the sector is forbidding their own families kids to use those channels - while still selling them to the masses.

    Nothing like "maybe people are more intelligent than it seems" in there, I'm afraid.

    What do you think, why everyone is talking about industries that "satisfy unnecessary needs better" these days? Because its a business to capture people attentions these days. Be it netflix, be it gaming, be it social media - name me one successful recent web or app business that wasnt about the "games" part of "bread and games".

    The sector is literally taking social scientists away from your top universities, to find ways to highjack your impulse decision systems better. Same with advertising, so at least in the conventional sense, theres nothing new about it. But dont come in and craft elaborate theories on how people might select stuff better, so every youtube clip has to become 5 min or less on average - when they still get stuck in the Netflix app for hours, because pressing no button is easiesr than pressing 7 to switch to a different app and start something else.

    Every veil of innosence has been lost in the datadriven age. Everyone has seen, that people say, that they want high quality stuff, and then go with shallow entertainment instead, most of the time.

    Real sexual activity has declined, because people have access to porn, and dating channels, where you preselect 1000>50 and the get bored in the process.


    Checking your phone every two minutes or having the attention span of a bird are not high concept qualities of the information age, they are just a result.
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    Nov 8, 2018

    Christmas Time is coming......

    And frankly, I do not have a good feeling for this Year´s "Quiet Time".
    If I reflect the last two Months after the "Summer Break",then unfortunately I can only come to a "conclusion":
    That will not be funny .... I would gave very much,if I am wrong.Really.:(
    (Not to mention the coming year.)
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    More Americans read books today than ever before.
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    The internet is not the proper place for counseling. You can't "feel" nor "do". My advise is that you should get counseling.

    With that said:

    I can bet a lot by saying you are not the only one feeling like that (Yes, me, and a lot of people around here in Chile).
    Could it that maybe, whatever you need to feel better, is missing from nowaday's society standards?
    (Note: people having good self-esteem yet being highly deceiving and manipulative (tools of today's gold age) will want you to follow "society behaves like a or b"
    without moving their asses to try to improve and/or regain whatever you may be missing?

    To that people I effectively give them the middle finger treatment, even if that means going against 60% of the people I talk to,
    because they know they won't fix shit but still point at you for being "different".
    You can Google "Chile news". Chile is undergoing more or less through a civil war. Chile has financial issues (from the inside), but (at least in Santiago) also people lacking sympathy, being depressed and being just "empty shells" of themselves.
    No good talks, everyone will rant about their problems, and nobody's willing to fix other people's problems but they will have a hell good of a time being fakes as long as they are surrounded by the same fake people.
    I just had a talk with a friend, being 15 years older than me and he was like "yeah dude that's exactly what I am going through, and I can bet whatever you want is what pretty much everyone feels right now here, that motherfucking unsettling feeling".
    Add to that social media, phones, plastic news, being unemployed, having bills to pay all over your face, maybe having kids and no wife, effectively caussing you more problems than ever.

    So yeah I also feel more or less like that, but sadly, Internet won't fix for you any of these problems.
    It may help a little for a day or two, but you need to develop tools for that, you can't download these tools I am afraid.
    You need people, be surrounded around people actually mentally prepared to handle that. Run away from fakes/shit people.

    Peace, dude.


    Actually this is pretty much people's behaviour (one of the kind of people I call fake/shit) resumed as of 2019.

    Interestingly, one of the reasons society exploded here is the pressure the government had through Sept. 1973's State of Siege, leading to a lot of casualties from both sides:

    But If I post sources circa that era (I am not taking sides, but as I read that is 1:1 the Chilean society repeating their mistakes again now):

    I read

    This is exactly what has been happening the past three weeks now... except this newspaper is dated 1984.... and now we are in 2019 and story repeats itself. Only I have seen only more vandalism from the poverty sector right now. While the more "developed" sector is/was all-round improving and investing in knowledge, improving employment rate, I can directly vouch for that as most software development jobs I have taken are from that sector. And I have / had seen an increase of them overall.

    You will read a lot about sources pressing on "the hard life for the average hard worker and the injustice they have now, being stolen from the government", that is true indeed... but
    people is also violent, steal, and literally will diminish any kind of "improvement towards society". That's the mindset you usually see daily here in Santiago, Chile.
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