is mariokart 8 deluxe going to be a esports game

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    im watching an episode of a show called bull and it is about esports which got me thinking is mariokart 8 deluxe going to be an esports game also if so how can i sign up
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  2. linuxares

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    Nah, it doesn't have the broad appeal. It's also a lot of RNG what items you get that can make or break for you. Something like Smash where you actually need to learn to master the skill. That creates a more appeal to the broader audience.
  3. Saiyan Lusitano

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    No, but that would be interesting. Mario Kart relies on luck moreso than talent.
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    Mario Kart is really just not suited to be an eSport. Like those above have said, you need luck to do well. Of course, you can remove the dependency on luck by turning off items. The problem you then face is the fact it no longer becomes competitive - rather 12 people doing time trials at the same time, with no way to catch up assuming everybody plays at their peak. The person starting in 1st would always finish in first and you'd have no real game there.
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