Is it worth it to get a used Vita for just a bunch of dollars or should i get a different console?

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  1. Dontwait00

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    Sep 3, 2017
    so i like the vita from the outside, but idk now what to should i get after the vita, like games and homebrews... mods and hacks..

    And i dont know if i need to have a psvita card or instead use sd converter... what do you guys think?
    I personally dont like anime and anime videogames, but i like FPS and open world games, and soccer.. my favorite titles are Call of Duty, GTA, and FIFA.

    If i will get a psvita with 6.68 what should i do?
  2. eighthdayregret

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    Sep 27, 2017
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    Based on your taste in games, and I really hate that I'm saying this, the Vita is probably not for you.
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    Sep 19, 2018