Is it too early to upgrade to Win8 from Win7?

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by DiscostewSM, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. DiscostewSM

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Just checked my MSDN Academic Alliance account with my college (which I expected to lose but haven't after graduating and am not attending anymore...bonus for me I guess), and saw that they had Win 8 Pro available for download. So, I'm downloading it at the very least so that I'll have it on hand if and when the time comes that it is logical to upgrade to it. My question here is as the title states. Is it too early to do so?

    Much like launch-day devices that have problems, I don't expect any less from software of this magnitude. But, sometimes the product just happens to have a smooth launch (even though I know this OS had been leaked earlier), and everything works as it should. What I am looking for is compatibility with programs designed (or worked well) with Win 7 Pro on Win 8 Pro. I know it has only been available to certain groups for the past couple of weeks, but has anyone with it had any problems to a point that they needed to revert back to Win 7? No, I'm not talking about petty stuff like the Metro UI, or some "historical pattern" that somehow predicts that the OS is bad without proof. I'd like some actual solid information on major issues if possible, like buggy drivers for things like video cards (Nvidia, for example) and such. Can't very well play games if the video card and the OS don't cooperate, can we?
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    I tend to try and stay away from launch date(ish) OS's like a plague. In my experience there is usually something that just doesnt work right out the door, be it a driver, an old legacy device etc. That said, i do not currently have it installed so i cant give any actual examples. I do plan on getting a new pc/tablet hybrid from dell once Win 8 is officially out tho so im bucking my own trend there.

    As far as programs any that were correctly coded and written for Win 7 should work fine on the new version.
  3. Carnivean

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    If you can't think of a valid reason to bother with it yourself it's a fair wager it's too early.
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    Shut up, take the leap and do it. If you're really worried about it? Dual boot...
  5. YayMii

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    Run the upgrade advisor first. If there's no issues, backup your files and go for it. Windows 7 drivers should be compatible if there aren't any Windows 8 drivers yet.

    The only program I have issues with is the League of Legends client, which sometimes crashes before starting a game (never in-game though). Not sure if I can play Ranked until this is fixed.
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