Is it safe to play Pokemon Platinum cart

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    Dec 26, 2008
    Just wondering why Pokemon Platinum genuine cart uses 256KB save file according to NDS WiFi Back Up tool? Is it safe to play the game on its own? If I migrated my Acekard 2.1 Pokemon Platinum Save file using PokeSav, it was saved as 756KB, I ported it to my Pokemon Platinum Game cart and it runs fine. Though, My Battle Recorder Videos were deleted. Is it safe to continue using my ported save files?

    I just got my Pokemon Platinum awhile ago from my mom. I didnt have any answers from PokeSave Community. I also used the search button and nothing came up.


    EDIT: I just migrated my flashcart Pokemon Platinum to my retail one and I edited the trainer. How come it was on its previous data than the ones I added like Trainer ID, new trainer name, 1 shiny eevee