Is it safe to install wiiware/VC wads on vwii?

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    I was wondering if they are all safe to install or if there's a list of compatibility or something. Threads I have researched are very old on this topic and I created this just to confirm. so..

    1. is it safe to install VC wads on vwii? I'm pretty sure it is as it is shown in this video
    and it appears to be safe according to this topic
    how could I check if wads files are official?

    2. wiiware wads? old topics saying they should be played using emulated nand. Others say they work just like in a regular Wii.
    I mean... would YAWMM notice me when something I'm trying to install will not work and thus prevent the installation or at least let me uninstall it right away??
    if so that would be enough to manage wads keeping safe your system.. right?
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    I've installed WiiWare and Virtual Console .WAD's to my vWii directly, never had a single problem on my end. I've installed VC injects and homebrew channels as well.

    Don't quote me on this, but I think everything should be compatible.
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