Homebrew Is it safe to be connected to the internet after 11.8


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May 11, 2008
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Yes, it is safe to connect to the internet after 11.8. All 11.8 did was change how the eShop downloads are authenticated.

That being said, since the Great 3DS Banwave of May 2017, the following is recommended:
There have been reports of a wave of bans being handed out to CFW users by Nintendo. To protect yourself, please do the following steps before starting this guide:

  1. Go to System Settings, then “Internet Settings”, then “SpotPass”, then “Sending of System Information”
  2. Disable the “Sending of System Information” option
  3. Exit the System Settings
  4. Go to your Friend List (the orange Face Icon in the top row of your Home Menu)
    • If you receive an error and are kicked out of the menu, the Friend List setting is either already disabled or your console cannot connect to Nintendo’s servers (due to a ban or connection issues)
  5. Go to the Friend List settings, then “Friend Notification Settings”, then “Show friends what you’re playing”
  6. Disable the “Show friends what you’re playing” option
  7. Exit your Friend List

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    Start is "ENTER"
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    Thanks for the props @Costello
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    I think theirs a section in the forum for gba home few games could share it their
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    Eh they'll just tell you or move it no biggie
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    @CPG SO true
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    @kenenthk : there are no longer blue mods. They're all global mods now :)
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    Can't always know where to park
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    @ Costello thinking of adding a new generation I noticed most are green
  • Xzi @ Xzi:
    Well-executed concept in your game, @KimKong . Music's pretty great too!
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    @Xzi Thanks for the feedback! I'm planing to make alot more music for each of the levels, so it don't get so repetitive! And working on some graphical upgrade ideas!
  • kenenthk @ kenenthk:
    Do you use 8bit equipment for the music and FL studio
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    I did notice one particularly bad bit of text formatting (and minor typo): in the UFO fight, when trying to shoot at the bottom, it says "Looks like the UFO have some kinda shield" - "has" is better. Also, the very next text box has "L et's try shooting the top instead!" with a line break in the word "Let's".
  • RichardTheKing @ RichardTheKing:
    Oh, and I have no idea how to get past this gap - it's too close to the roof. https://imgur.com/A2mYGPy
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    @kenenthk I used OpenMPT to make all the music. My brother will be helping out with some more tunes in the future!
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    @RichardTheKing Thank you so much for pointing out that dialog bug!! I never noticed it while finishing up these new boss fights..

    And that gap on that level should be close enough to jump if you run? I might have to lower that platform a bit maybe?
  • KimKong @ KimKong:
    Thanks so much for the feedback!! You are awesome!!
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    RIP GBA section 2021 :cry:
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    Has the GBA section been removed? :O
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    Wait WHAT???
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    Undwiz @ Undwiz: I'll be banned after this My Wife passed away 3 months ago , We have 3 kids. Living in a Motel...