Is it risky to put my hacked 3DS in standby?

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by kradrats, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. kradrats

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    I understand that the 3DS will download an update (but not update) in standby. Is it a bad idea to close a hacked 3ds that has an internet connection? Just avoid it entirely?

    RXTools requires closing and opening the 3DS to make 3D work again, due to a bug. Is that risky?

    This was a long process, and I definitely want to do everything I can to maintain this and all the effort i put into it.

    Also, what is the update nag? Is it a message that can be dismissed and you can just carry on with using the 3DS?
  2. Rhapsody

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    United States
    You're all good as long as you apply the update-blocking DNS for your connections. The update nag appears if a system downloads an update while in standby, wherein it asks for you to update. If you have an O3DS and are on a 10.3 emunand, you shouldn't receive this. If you already have the update nag, there are ways to remove it on emunand, but they're rather complicated. It's easier to just avoid it entirely.
  3. wormdood

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    lol . . . its not a bad idea in the sense you are referring to the update nag is nothing to worry about . . . but emunand consumes more battery life than normal fw and that consumption is further increased when emunand is in sleep mode
    again open and close the thing all you want
    the message your system gives you telling you that it downloaded the new update and "press a to install it, press b to cancel" that you may get on a not fully updated console . . . . some people hate it because if you say yes you update your console and if you say no it comes back tomorrow the way to get rid of it is to . . .
    starting with the power off press and hold "L"+ "R"+"X"+ "UP" and power on you should end up in a settings like screen asking you to update say no there . . . nag gone!
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  4. TecXero

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    Just make sure to have the Nintendo URLs blocked, either via DNS or router. If you're that paranoid, backup your EmuNAND (good idea anyway) and shut off the wireless when you're not using it.
  5. James310

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    the Update Nag is a nag the tells you theres a system update and do you want to update .. in the homemenu , you might think 'wow thats it? thats not a big deal i will just press cancel' and like 5 times of using your 3ds you will be annoyed...
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