is it possible to patch gameshark codes into gameboy color roms?

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    ok so i picked up a gameboy/gameboy color flash cart heres the link to said cart

    now so far i have been able to hack/patch game genie codes into my original gameboy roms but since the gameboy color uses a game shark is there a way i can hack/patch gameboy color game shark codes into my GBC roms unlike the everdirves this flashcart doesnt have a built in game shark or game genie but altering the roms works no problems any ideas?

    dont wanan shell out monies for a gbc game shark unless i have to

    the gameboy used a game genie which can have its codes patched into roms using a program called game genie guy sadly the gameboy color roms dont support game genie only gameshark
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    Game genie and game shark, at that point in time at least, were somewhat different devices. The genie modified the ROM where the shark (and action replay and codebreaker and most of the others) acted on the RAM of a system. This is why game genie codes are rarer and considered harder to make.
    The GBA and DS have tools which can patch such RAM based codes into ROMs but I am not aware of anybody that has attempted to make a generic patching program for any random ROM on the GB/GBC, and most would consider it a fairly hard feat on such systems compared to newer ones with more resources you can look to so as to help out.
    I can teach you the techniques to patching in such things (they are the same as newer systems really -- find the instructions which deal with the memory location you are looking at and change them to do what you need, or make your own quasi cheat engine if you want by doing something similar to how the gameshark hardware would have worked originally and hooking into the ROM to constantly write the RAM or write every vblank or something), however in either case it is not a simple insert code, insert ROM, press patch and then play like you would have seen for game genie hard patching tools (CCCGP for others playing along at home) or RAM code patching on newer systems (GABsharky or GBAATM on the GBA and DSATM on the DS).
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