Is it possible to make Nintendo USB wifi connector work?

Discussion in 'NDS - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection' started by Sonic Angel Knight, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Do you know what this is?


    Well the name says it all. Is a wifi usb connector for nintendo consoles... powered by Buffalo. Some people may not have heard or seen this. I have one, in fact I bought one back in 2008, so i can play games online with my NDS, games like Mega Man Star force, Sonic Rush Adventure and Bleach Blade of Fate. Is been discontinued after about 3 years with the functionality limited to earlier versions of windows, (windows XP/Vista) Is possible to use it in systems like wii, 3DS and even wii u. The fact it can be used if you still owned a outdated, not in production item in 2012 (The year wii u was released) is a bit weird unless they intended to make a new one but didn't? I dunno. :unsure:

    Anyway, if you wondering why I am bringing this up, well like i said I have one, and it can be used on various nintendo consoles. Basically what I am asking is if members of the site could maybe get it functional on modern os. Someone may wonder why do this? Think of it as a challenge.... Sound like a very poor excuse I guess.

    Well you are right, I said is very uncommon product, is outdated and probably not many people have it. But considering the people who do have it, could use it. For one thing NDS games uses wifi security that is WEP, something no one in 2017 uses anymore. (Assuming people have good routers up to B/G/N AC dual band) would normally use WPA or something, so your system can't use it unless you.
    1. Make a non secure open wifi hotspot
    2. Use WEP wifi
    Sure you can do something like that with a cellphone or something, but this was designed to maybe just avoid complex workarounds with a software and wifi usb that made the process simple and easy.

    Now I'm not asking anyone to do it, just curious if someone maybe would be interested. If they want to do it, maybe a challenge of some sort. I notice many people do such things as a challenge to test skill or have a project to work on, so for anyone curious, the software is here, and if anyone doesn't really care, well that is also a option. (Probably one i expect the most here)
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    Oh good, you made a thread. If someone makes a modern driver for it, I sure hope they're able to digitally sign it, or even fakesign the driver so there's no issues installing it.
  3. Shadow#1

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  4. eza

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    Nov 4, 2015
    The easiest way to get it to work these days is to run it in a virtual machine.
    Windows Vista is the most recent version of Windows that the software still runs on.
    I have a minimal Vista VM that I fire up when I want to get my old Wii and DSes online.
  5. Alex4nder001

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    Jul 28, 2017
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    I also have the same issue: I can’t get my DS online. I dont have a Nintendo WFC connector or an old router (it was thrown away), but I do have a raspberry pi and a really old Wifi dongle. I was thinking I could plug it in and configure some things to get it to run as a WEP access point but IDK how to do it as I have little linux or networking knowledge. But I’m sure it might work if I could follow a guide and copy and paste the commands from somewhere.
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