Is it possible to get the resolution on nesDS to look like the bonus C

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    What I mean is the two bonus contra games come with two different resolution settings. One squishes the resolution, while the other allows regular resolution with a bit of the top and bottom cut off. Since there isn't any real important information being cut, I was wondering if I can set the emulator to the same look. I've been fiddling with it for a half hour, but I still can't get it to look like that.
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    The "Display" tab of the NES DS menu controls all of this. If you drag all the way to the left, you'll have full-screen resolution. Dragging up and down determines which parts of the screen get cut off. The farther you drag to the right, the more it will squish the screen and the less there will be to cut off with the up-and-down dragging.

    EDIT: don't bother with the little arrows in the center of the screen. They take so long to adjust that they're not worth it.
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    Oh, it's dragging left. I kept dragging up and down while tweaking with the arrows! Thanks a lot!