Is it possible to get QR paths off a Dream Address?

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    I hope this is the right place to ask.

    To give a little background:

    A while ago I found this ACNL tumblr where a user shared pictures of their town. I thought their paths were amazing so I checked out their FAQ where they mentioned that the paths were available via a Japanese player's Dream Address.

    This Dream Address has since become unreachable as the Amiibo Update deleted all dreams. The Japanese player did not share their QRs anywhere else which means that now that their designs will remain unobtainable until they update. I also know for a fact that their town hasn't been updated because I search for their town weekly (using the town and mayor's name) and haven't gotten any results to date.

    The tumblr user has the paths, but they can't distribute them via their dream as they are not her original design. I also can't dump her dream to extract the designs because as far as I know no one has discovered a new method of dumping dreams.

    So I'm posting here to see if anyone knows of any other method I can use to get those paths.
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