Is it possible to get banned from my own game

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    As the title says is it possible. Now what I’m asking is I believe I used fbi or something some time or years ago to put smash Bros on my home menu. I want to know if someone here did something like that with a game they bought and still got banned. I’m thinking about finally updating my 3ds so I could play online. I believe the header of my game should still be the same as the game cart. I know the safe to go online might be to just locate my game cart but right now that’s not an option.
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    Headers only matter if you're using the .3ds version of the game, if you dump any game and install it as a cia you don't have to worry about headers, it's completely safe to dump your own game and then just install it as a .cia in your console to play, you won't get banned for that