Question is it possible to emulate online games with local play and private servers?

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    is anyone working on a solution for banned consoles for multiplayer games. maybe a way to prevent banning or remove ban checks or just create a way for banned consoles to play other banned consoles on alternative servers create a CFW network to see who is also playing the same games and play with them.
  2. bodefuceta

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    Apr 3, 2018
    Theoretically possible, yes.
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    its possible but i dont think anyones working on it right now
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    Removing checks and reverse engineering servers are two rather different types of skills.

    At this point everything I have seen says nobody really went through and looked for the hidden checks in the firmwares as much as just fiddled with the relevant parts to allow custom code to be run.
    As Nintendo are playing for keeps this time then personally I would advocate for people having to demonstrate they are playing at similarly high levels. In an ideal world this would mean a fully documented disassembly but that would be impractical so I will say a lesser version could provide a similar degree of safety, and also handle updates better. Said lesser version would be something akin to the level we see a lot of anti virus/anti malware companies and similar level actors playing at. A broad disassembly would be part of it but something more targetted like function analysis, update analysis, heuristics and so forth.

    Custom servers I have covered in more depth in the past but it depends what is done
    If Nintendo's servers are mostly just a way to multicast data (or even the users themselves send data to each other, so called p2p online) and do a lobby then that is one thing, if said servers add something to the game and calculate relevant aspects of it then it is harder unless said things have some kind of existing server (a PC port where users can run their own servers for instance) or it uses a simple to analyse protocol. It is plenty possible as loads of games have done all the sorts mentioned there before. I have similarly seen nobody doing this.