Is it possible to do a system transfer from a banned [022-2812] New 3DS XL?

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    This post originally had a question but since I solved it, I'll just leave what I found out/what happend while doing it

    (EDIT 2) I'm going to try it. Will back up my Sysnand on both systems first and will report back later.

    (EDIT 3) Transfer is going well will update again when it's done!

    (EDIT 4) Transfer worked... kinda. None of the games I own apart from one even showed up. Maybe because they're cart dumps? Well I'm going to restore my n3ds' Nand Backup

    (EDIT 5) Nope not the reason... It's has the same folder as my n3ds emunand LMAO So it's got a region free game and the theme I had before I changed the emunand's region. One odd thing is that my first transfer attempt failed but it still took over and kept the photos from my n3ds although saying cancelling the transfer would cause said data to be deleted.

    (EDIT 6 - 19/10/18) Seems like I've lost eShop access on my n3ds XL. Not the ban related error but one to do with region change which I find interesting. That'd explain why the n2ds xl uses the same folder as the Japanese emunand then. I'll switch to my emunand to investigate this further

    (EDIT 7) Yep the servers think my system is a Japanese one. I'll backup my emunand, format it then check back on the sysnand to see if anything's changed

    (EDIT 8) Update: Didn't change the situation of the eShop access on my sysnand. Will restore the emunand backup to check that after
    It does work, just don't do it if you have an emunand as you might run into the same issue as me. :P

    Will try again in the future.

    (Mods if you can please change the post's name to avoid confusing those who want to help.)
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    Did this successfully move the cert ban from one system to the other?

    I have been thinking of trying this to unban my red O3DS by moving the cert ban to my blue O3DS that I rarely use.