Is it possible to convert 3DZ Saves to Powersaves?

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by drfsupercenter, Oct 27, 2014.

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    I wanted to test something out - took a 3DZ that I dumped from the same cartridge I used Powersaves with and was trying to see if I could extract the saves using one of the save tools.

    Seems like simply replacing the data in a hex editor makes the file not show up in the Datel software anymore. I noticed that for my Pokémon X save, the Powersaves .bin also didn't have any 0xFF's in it, where in the 3DZ it had lots, probably half of the file was 0xFF.

    So I assume these .bin files are encrypted somehow...

    Just thought it would be useful if anyone knows of a way to convert between the two. (Obviously it would only work for the same cartridge, but I digress)
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    you do realize the .3dz is the game and the .bin powersaves makes is a save

    BTW there is no way around the fact that gateway doesn't make valid 6.x encrypted saves so there is very very few instances where this would work out for you, it would basically only work on games like mario kart 7 or other old games released before 6.x that have a 512kb save, even then you would need to inject the save to the original cart that the rom came from.......all just a bit pointless imho
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