Is it possible to bypass a bad internal NAND chip via a boot2-loaded externally-hosted EmuNAND?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by kmaru, Jun 7, 2018.

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    Sep 16, 2015
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    I have a Wii that will not boot past a boot2-hosted BootMii (only a black screen comes up after that, for the Homebrew Channel, System Menu, and even trying to run the BootMii installation program directly from mini). I have come to believe that this is the result of the NAND chip in my Wii failing, as turning the Wii on with a Wiimote still works (indicating the Bluetooth module is in working condition) and the pattern of black blocks (which are in the majority -- almost the whole NAND is black blocks) that appears when doing a BootMii NAND backup (that frequently fails to even verify) is consistent (meaning it's likely not bad RAM). Furthermore, I had not made any software changes to things such as IOSes, etc. in multiple years before the failure, so I do not believe it is the result of that. I cannot run any program or service that relies on any copy of IOS hosted on the internal NAND chip.

    Unless anybody has any other ideas, it seems to me like the only way to fix this (short of replacing the NAND chip itself on a hardware level which I don't really want to do if it's even possible) is to load an EmuNAND (stored on an SD card or USB drive) directly from boot2 and have the entire Wii run off of that instead of its internal NAND chip. I have multiple backups of my system's NAND chip before it went bad to use as candidates.

    Is this possible and, if so, how exactly would I do it? I feel like it is probably possible but will be difficult to setup without using any applications that require the NAND chip to start with (for example, I can't use the Homebrew Channel (at least in its default configuration) as it's on the internal NAND which is hosed). I'd need a solution that can be run entirely from BootMii/boot2/mini. Or perhaps it is somehow possible to make use of an IOS copy on one of the game discs I have (of which I have many). Is there any solution that meets this criteria?

    Alternatively, on the off-chance my Wii suddenly randomly decides to work even though its internal NAND is bad (as it did for a month or so for some reason after initially refusing to boot past BootMii), how would I convert it over to this externally-hosted EmuNAND functionality as quickly as possible?
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