Is it possible to backup the Wii U partition?

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    Apr 16, 2013
    Here is the thing, I was able to reach the 300 slot limit the Wii U had to offer (I had like 30 preview and demos I deleted after) and noticing I was using only 350gb of my 2TB, I took an old external drive of around 500gb that I didn't use in years (with a y cable BTW, a pretty good one)

    I am actually copying the data from the big drive to the new one (eight hours and still waiting) but since I don't know how much life left has it and I need the 2TB for my PC...

    Is it possible to backup the drive's partition in the case something goes wrong?
    My collection is purely digital (because physical games cost me the triple where I live) so I don't really want to risk losing my saves.

    Thanks in advance.
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    you could image the entire drive with a tool like acronis true image home. Its gonna be one large backup. You better have a extra 2 tb of space to save the image to.
    I know imaging works as i tested it with flash drives on the wii u. you can even take a smaller image and write it to a larger drive. just cant go smaller. Since you are just copying to a diff drive just image the smaller one when its done.