Is it possible to backup an app to the SD card?

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    Hi: I installed a game using freeshop and I would like to know how to backup it to de SD card as a CIA file or something so in case I need to format my SD card or for some reason I want to uninstall the game I can reinstall it later and have it as well backed uo in my PC. Thanks for your help. Also the game dows not appear in JKSM so I cannot backup the save file. Why could this be? How do I do these 2 things with the game I want which is Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo?
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    I believe BrainDump can do this... But it seems complicated. Never used it myself.
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    If you do generate a CIA from your 3DS you must remember that a truly complete backup (that is, game+save) you will have to resort to either savedatafiler or jksm to dump your saves. The CIA will have only the app, not the saves.
    Also, a faster way to generate CIAs is to use apps like to generate and store the CIA directly on your computer, instead of slowly downloading to 3DS, slowly generating the CIA on 3DS and having to copy back from 3DS to PC.
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    To make the game show up in JKSM, you have to use the Refresh Games option.