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    Dec 21, 2016
    hi, i've used a wii u to play gamecube games for awhile, and i used it on 2 full hd tvs at my parents' house, nothing fancy but they have a 16:9 display like they should... Why do i mention this? well, because i have an old 16:10 tv in my apartment without any scaling option at all, meaning 4:3 images look stretched on it, so the wii u comes in handy cause nintendont adds black bars on 4:3 only games, so they look almost perfect even on my cheap 16:10 tv. The thing is, i'm leaving my wii u to my family because they enjoy playing some wii u games from time to time, plus Wii, gamecube etc. i'm not sure if i will, but i'm thinking of getting a wii to play wii and gc stuff, the problem is alot of gamecube games are 4:3 only. is there a way of setting the black bars on a wii? and yes i know I should just get a decent tv, but i can't right now so i was wondering if there is any way to do it. Thank you in advance
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