Is it just me or it's kind of hard to find 3DS Roms?

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    Note : I am NOT asking where to find them.

    I've been going around collecting the rarer titles (especially Japanese games) awaiting the time to use them, but I've noticed there aren't many around. In fact, it's been impossible to find certain titles.

    Do you think it's just because there still isn't a reliable way to get them to work? Will we see a ROM explosion when ROMs become playable?
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    When ROMs are dumped they generally go to newsgroups and other 'underground' networks first before going onto the actual internet. Since there's no way to play them yet there hasn't been much of a drive to stick them on the actual internet since the people who would do it for recognition aren't going to really get any if nobody wants the files in the first place.

    So yes, when they're playable expect people to suddenly dump loads of them in various places.
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    it's just u honey.