is it even worth it ?

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    well at the moment im studying forensic science but its not for me so im looking at other choices one of them is IT programming which actually really interested me but it only teaches JAVA and .net, now are these going to get me anywhere when looking for a job because i was hoping for Python etc, i know that once you learn 1 language its much easier to pick up on others so [​IMG]
    what do you guys think ?
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    It is very much so, that if you learn one language, more can be learnt much easier!

    Java is, in my eyes, very similar to C++ so I find it really easy to see connections and patterns between the two.

    and as the teachers here said: You need to learn one language first, then you can use a dictionary to translate your language into another. All you need to know is some grammar, which is explained some times in the dictionary. The same goes for programming languages. If you know one, you know the basic structure of programming. Then HOW you write the code... use a "dictionary" to translate it all [​IMG]