Is eWin Expansion Pak Drag+Drop?

Discussion in 'Other Flashing Hardware & Software' started by SavageWaffle, Mar 22, 2008.

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    Or does it need another program thing. Im thinking of buying a eWin expansion pak using it as a GBA Loader or w/e. And can someone explain to me how i do this? I have no experience with Slot-2's, only Slot-1's. Thanks if possible.
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    You should really read the Temp review. It will give you a good start.
  3. Bri

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    The eWin 2in1 GBA expansion pack, the EZ 3in1 GBA expansion pack, and other similar GBA expansion packs are slot2 carts that allow you to play GBA games stored on your slot1 cart. They don't have a microSD slot and only have enough internal memory for one GBA game. But that's all that they need, because the games are loaded from the slot1 cart to the expansion cart, and then the NDS plays the game from the expansion cart.

    Depending on which slot1 cart you have, you will need a loader like Rudolph's GBA ExpLoader 0.53 or the eWin GBA Loader 1.6. Either program will then give you a list of GBA games that are on your slot1 cart and allow you to select one to play.

    GBA expansion packs like the eWin and EZ also work as extra memory needed to run the Opera browser. You also use one of the GBA loader programs to patch the expansion pack to "trick" Opera into thinking the expansion pack is a memory cartridge. Once you've patched the expansion pack, you reboot back to the slot1 cart and run Opera.

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    If you're using YSmenu you don;t need a loader. Simply launch the GBA game the same way you would a ds and the game will be sent to the slot two launch.