Is anyone interested in a pokemon related youtube colaboration series?

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    Wasn't really sure where I should post this but I think this place is my safest bet. Move it if doesn't belong here.

    Hello everyone!

    So, a few days ago I started my very own youtube channel and I want to start posting content right now. I was primarily planning on doing a pokemon Lets play series on my own, but I think doing it with someone else would be much more fun and more interesting to watch. Especially with someone I don't yet know as it would leave a lot of room for talking about our personal life stories, experiences and so on.

    This is what it would look like:
    Pokemon nuzlocke soul link

    To be specific, we would be playing a pokemon rom hack (haven't decided which one though I do have a couple of them in mind) with the same rules mentioned in the video above with the exception of a few that I find unnecessary.

    These are the conditions for applying:
    1) age: 17-25 - I just don't feel like doing this with someone much younger or much older than me
    2) good knowledge of the English language - good enough to speak in a clear and understandable manner
    3) being a pokemon fan at heart - pretty self explanatory
    4) being able to record screen, sound (decent quality) and face with a camera (doesn't have to be anything too special, a modern day phone camera will do)
    5) relatively (at least every other day) free during the month of July

    Optional (would be nice but not completely necessary for applying):
    1) high upload speed (so that once your content is recorded, I can download and edit the video together in the same day)
    2) editing skills - I'll usually edit them but just in case I won't have the time on a specific day
    3) already own a youtube channel with a decent number of subscribers - would be great for exposure to give a kick start to my channel

    If you satisfy the 5 necessary inbox, pm me for more details. Thanks :)