Is all of this compatible, and how can I reduce the price?

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    I'm not sure whether or not you use Reddit, but the site has a community dedicated to PC building (here). If you're looking for good advice, that's always one place to consider.
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    mm, your link doesn't work?

    but as for reducing the price, at lot of that comes down to what the computer is designed for. After that look at parts, read reviews of said parts, decide what you could use and not use and then shop around if needed. is an alright site that I have seen that will bring up som of the better prices it can for your ideal pc
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    For it to be compatible, check these things:

    The CPU has to match the socket for the motherboard. E.g. LGA 1155 motherboard for a Core i5-2500K.
    The RAM has to match the motherboard ( DDR3).
    The graphics card has to fit inside the case (a problem for flagship graphics cards like GTX 690 or HD 6990).
    The power supply has to be strong enough for the graphics card (500W minimum for midrange graphics, 600W minimum for high end, 750W for multi-GPU systems).
    Any aftermarket coolers have to fit inside the case.

    I can't see your parts from your link, so this general advice is all I can offer.