Iron Maiden releasing a FTP mobile RPG - Summer 2016

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by BORTZ, Jan 19, 2016.

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    Iron Maiden, the band who's legacy spans multiple decades, recently released a new album "Book of Souls". The music video for the hit single song is video game inspired, shown in mediums from different eras of the gaming generations. The video follows Eddie through an urban Donkey Kong level, a slum version of Contra, and finally a stop motion Clay fighters looking stage where he fights the "Beast".
    Even if you don't like Iron Maiden's music, I suggest muting the video and watching it anyways. Its pretty good.

    Following the success of their new found realm of video games, the surprising announcement came today that Iron Maiden are releasing a FTP mobile RPG this summer.

    I am intregued to say the least. I have been a Maiden fan since I accidentally found them while searching for "Iron Man" on Limewire years ago. Now, I might be a fair weather fan, but I will certainly check this out once it hits the market.

    Now that video I promised you:

    [​IMG] Source: The Circle Pit
    :arrow: Official site: Iron Maiden Legacy

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    Too much computering it seems -- I read that as FTP as in file transfer.

    Anyway bound to be better than the last band themed game I played
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    stopped reading at FTP mobile
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    You should have stopped earlier... only a couple of words left... its like you know the whole thing and the story now.
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    I'm a HUGE Iron Maiden fan, bought the TBoS on vynil, have bought tickets to the tour, have t-shirts, mugs and whatnot, but I'm kind of disapointed that this is not going to be on pc. I sort of understand it not being on consoles, but it would make sense to release it on pc... Oh well, we still have the Speed of Light minigame.