iPhone Playlist Sync Problem

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Raiser, Dec 26, 2009.

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    May 31, 2008
    Hey there,

    So I recently got my iPhone. It's all set up and everything and now I want to get some of my music onto it.

    (Everything's updated), I open up iTunes.
    Since I've only used WMP up until now, I export all my playlists from there into M3U files and import them into iTunes.

    I go over the songs to make sure they're all "located" and playing fine.
    Then I plug in my iPhone, it's detected, I click the "Music" tab, and tick the "Selected Playlists, Artists, and Genres" box.
    Under the "Playlists:" list, I tick all the Playlists I want and click Sync.

    HERE'S where the trouble occurs.

    It'll start syncing, MAYBE sync a couple songs or none at all and then it'll finish syncing. It doesn't even say "Sync was successful". I check my iPhone and there's only one of my Playlists with only those couple of songs that synced.
    I sync again, and it usually doesn't even do anything. It'll start syncing and then it'll just show the Apple icon again. What's going on??

    Firmware 3.1.2 / not Jailbroken or Unlocked yet.

    ! EDIT !: Wow, for some reason converting playlists into M3U from WMP and using them in iTunes is all bugged up. Fixed by just remaking the playlists in iTunes. Syncs perfectly. Lots of work though. ._.
    Can be closed/locked/deleted now. (: