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    Mar 15, 2009
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    Just started modifying a PHP app of mine to get data from GBATemp forum RSS (to be used in generating dynamic images). Apparently the web server I use...or actually 4 servers, I tried others I have access to as well...is blocked.

    Instead of file_get_contents() getting RSS, I get a pile of HTML for a blocked page. >:(

    The issue can be seen here: http://raxdev.raxsoft.tk/gb.php is a test page that should give the "Wii U Hacking and Homebrew" forum's RSS feed if working. IP is

    I also tried putting that above script on another server on the other side of the world with same results (surprised this one is blocked, it's a small gaming and web server run by a member of another board I belong to).

    The remaining 2 servers I tried are moot points since I can't host the final project there, but were also blocked.

    Can someone unblock this (or let me know where to ask this if this isn't the right place)?