IP Address Blocked! Help!

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    Dec 1, 2016
    Yesterday, I went here to get some info on some 3DS homebrew applications, only to find that my home IP address was blocked!
    Must have been some kind of automated spam thing, which erroneously blocked my home IP, rendering me unable to do anything here while I'm in the comfort of my own home...

    I did get some assistance with directly sending a message to the admins yesterday, but I accidentally used the wrong username, and I may have accidentally deleted their response when I was clearing out my spam earlier this morning. Figured making a topic here would be better than immediately sending another direct message

    I hope this can be fixed soon... this site is pretty useful, and only being able to visit it while I'm at my college really sucks

    (Also I really hope this is the right section to post this in... there didn't seem to be a dedicated "issues & help" section)

    EDIT: Never mind about this, everything got sorted out
    Seems my ISP had changed my public IP to one that somehow caused gbatemp here to refuse to let me do anything, but everything's been sorted out now
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