IOS249 and Wifi

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    Ok, I need some help with an issue I'm having.

    I'm using the latest beta release of Wiiflow. I've tried to connect to Wifi on two different games (Animal Crossing and Tatsunoko vs Capcom) that are running off IOS249, and they give me the error code 50330, the one you get if you don't have an internet connection set up. At first I thought this was because I had the newest, beta version of 249 installed, so I uninstalled it, then installed IOS249 rev19 with a base of 57. I tried again, and these same games gave me the same error. I'm convinced it's either the IOS or the loader, because Monster Hunter Tri, being run off 223 v4, can connect to Wifi with no problems whatsoever. Can anyone help me out with this? If it is because of Wiiflow, then I'll just switch to CFG.

    I also have another problem that's unrelated to the above, but I could also use some help with it. I'm trying to play through Zelda: Twilight Princess again. I'm currently in the Goron Mines, second dungeon. I can't get all the way through it because of a strange bug, it's like the game can't be read in random spots. One time I was unable to open a door to the next room, the open icon never appeared. I thought this was intentional and started exploring the room more, but accidentally fell in lava. When Link is supposed to respawn, the game just hangs at a black screen. The second time I made it past that part, but when I got to the room of the second Goron elder, the room was totally empty (no Goron to be found), and when I tried to take a step, it just froze, hanging the same way it did the first time but without the black screen. Both times I was able to open the Home menu, but trying to return to the Wii system menu just froze the Wii and forced me to do a manual shutdown. Is it possible I just downloaded a bad dump of the disc?

    Any help with either of these problems will be GREATLY appreciated.

    EDIT: I am now 100% positive 249 is the reason I can't get on Wifi, I just ran TvC with 223 and had no troubles connecting. Am I going to run into any issues if I just use 223 with any game that has Wifi? It's working fine with everything so far, but I recall reading that 249 is supposed to have better compatibility.