IOS, WAD, cIOS, etc What does these strange words mean?

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    Hey. I don't really need to know this since I've installed SoftMii and have everything I need, but I am curious of all these strange words. Could we make a small dictionary of wii words, with an explanation for every word?

    For example these words. I have NO IDEA what they are or what they do in the Wii firmware:


    Why are there several different IOS? IOS16, 32 45 blabla, Why?

    Please help, I really want to learn.
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    i think there is a thread floating around that explains these things, but heres a quick summary of the 'words' you asked about.

    IOS - these are files that are like Drivers for your wii and wii games. you know when you install new hardware on your PC and it wont run right right until you install the correct drivers? same with your wii. the different ios have different jobs. for instance, ios 30 is what reads/loads disks(i believe) and is very important. i don't know much about the different IOS and what they all do though.

    cIOS - is a custom IOS, its an editted IOS or a custom new one.

    WAD - a wad is basically a channel file. virtual console games, wii ware games, backup launcher channels, wiidumper channel, etc are all WADs. anything that adds a channel to your wii is a WAD.
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    IOS= Input/Output System, used for many things
    cIOS= custom IOS
    WAD= A package of data that can be installed on the wii. They can contain channels/IOS/...
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    Aaah, I can't help but love tech specifics. I am indeed a true nerd.

    WAD: Application. What is packed in an .exe for PC's, is packed as a WAD for Wii's.

    IOS: Operating system. There are several operating systems, responsible for different actions in the Wii firmware.
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    I hate comparing stuff to Windows. So I won't.

    A WAD is a container of data. Said data is installed on the Wii.
    It's basically like the Wii Shop Channel.

    IOS is the operating system of the Wii. 3.2 uses IOS30 and 3.4 uses IOS50.
    The Wii keeps a copy of every IOS.
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    actually i would compare a WAD with an installer... an msi file maybe... has the information of the files and where they should be put... then microsoft installer "installs" it... same for WADs and WAD manager... and the IOS i agree with a post several posts above me... they are like drivers and part of the OS... cIOS... custom IOS
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