Introducing Tempiibo: The GBAtemp Amiibo!


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Jan 31, 2008
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Amiibo is a subject that is close to some people's hearts. They find joy in being able to collect these little figurines, even as they go up to exorbitant price levels. So, why not participate and have a small recollection of a piece of GBAtemp history, by earning a new collector's item that is still extremely worthy of that three inches of your shelf space, and earn your chance to get an exclusive GBAtemp Amiibo, which we have christened as Tempiibo! Clever, right?!

Attached below, we have a specs sheet from our friends at the printing factory! Unfortunately, our folks at the designing factory are having a small issue with a design cue at present, so we can only present a mockup image at this time! They told us though that the problem should be ironed out, very soon!

The Tempiibo is the first Amiibo designed for our kind supporters over at, and will feature the following:
  • 4.01 inches height
  • Gold reflective coating
  • A high quality finish
  • Contains room in the base to allow for two Near-Field Communication (NFC) stickers
  • Dual Saving feature - Have TWO Amiibos saved onto one figure!
  • Press-fitted capping to allow for NFC tag swapping!
The Tempiibo is a special Amiibo, for sure. Why? The ability to swap NFC tags on the go makes it a unique collector's item that allows for two NFC characters to be used on the very one statue! It could be a Samus, and it could also be a Toon Link, but it will be disguised as your very own GBAtemp Amiibo!

Using the Nintendo NFC cards as a starting ground, an untold number of combinations awaits you and your gameplay! Gear up with the Tempiibo today through your friends at!
With all the mumbo jumbo out of the way, what does that mean, and more importantly, when are you guys going to be allowed to order one? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is to be determined - we're quite hard at work negotiating with distributors and a retail chain or two to see if we can sell the product in stores; we're going to make this available to a decently sized audience if possible, but at the same time not let it become a bit of a fiasco like some of the other Amiibo that are flying off of shelves. The bottom line is we still want this to be an enjoyable community thing, too! We'll provide more information as time comes, but the announcement is too good to keep back anymore! At this point, we would like to ask you guys to stay tuned, and get hyped, because a new collectable is on its way, and being members you guys will have early access to this!

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Jun 24, 2008
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Ryu, come on man, you know I've been super excited about this project for a month now, but maaaaaybe we should have waited a couple more days before posting it.

Oh well, no real harm.

Folks, don't go blaming Ryu for the photoshop. That was my own pathetic mockup. I've been trying to get the designer to send us a proper mockup for about two weeks now but it hasn't happened yet. Just consider that a placeholder for the moment.

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