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    Jun 2, 2008
    I'm actually posting here after my first one, just was hoping to get an answer there. While I wait for that, I can introduce myself.

    I'm 18, living in western Canada and just bought my NDS Lite Black. I got it for $123.45 from Shortly after I got that, I purchased the R4DS and am now waiting on that.

    I'm looking into something for slot 2 so I don't have to carry around multiple cartridges.

    I'm fairly tech literate, pretty much antisocial and visually impaired.

    I've had a Gameboy original, Gameboy Pocket, NES, Sega Genesis and a PS1. I think I still have a GameGear kicking around somewhere. Exactly where I can't say.

    I think that about covers it, I look forward to lots of interesting discussions over here.
  2. PBC

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    Most people go for a EZ3-1 for their slot 2. And then you just need to get familar with how the rudolph program works to make it funtion with your slot 1. I can't help you there but use the search funtion on this site to look up rudolph tools. I have EZV + EZ3-1 so it works native for me.

    Just to clarify here...the slot one is the DS size, slot 2 is GBA size. The R4 is all you are going to need to play all the homebrew, and DS roms. The slot 2 comes in handy if you want to play GBA games, use rumble for games, or use extra ram for the few homebrews (Dslinux, Quake, Picodrive genesis emulator) that use it OR the original opera browser which requires it.

    Hope you enjoy your stay
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    Visually impaired? Well you can´t be too impaired if you can play VIDEO games! [​IMG]

    Anyway, welcome, and have fun!
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    Welcome to GBATemp~
    Would you like a CupCake~ [​IMG]
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    You and your cupcakes..haven't you learned your lesson from what happened last time?

    At any rate, welcome to GBATemp, for Slot 1, I suggest a DSTT, Supercard or CycloDS, for the Slot 2, I suggest an EZ3in1 since its the most compatibile with games with little to no freezing or slow downs and comes with a RAM and Rumble support inside one cart. Its great for the Opera Browser and homebrew like some emulators.