Interview with XSEED - Retro Game Challenge Details, Etc

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    "A portion of a Siliconera interview with Kenji Hosoi, Localization Manager at XSEED…

    S: Did Xseed keep any references to the TV show or were they removed?

    KH: There weren’t too many references that were noticeable. However, any small references like “Arino Kacho” and the TV show’s Assistant Director’s name like “Tojima” were taken out. We had to completely rewrite the opening of the game since it was based off of the plot of the TV show, only because we didn’t think many players would understand the reference.

    S: It’s not out in Japan yet, but what are your thoughts on Game Center CX 2?

    KH: We did some simple research on it a while back and it looks like an awesome game, doesn’t it?

    I think it all depends on how well Retro Game Challenge does for us. If Retro Game Challenge does well in the US then we will definitely be interested in trying to bring over Game Center CX 2.

    S: Is Xseed looking at any other Namco Bandai games? They have lots of titles in their vault that could fit into Xseed’s line up like Fragile: Farewell to the Moon and the Summon Night DS games.

    KH: We’re looking into anything that looks good and fun to play. If we do get lucky and are able to publish the titles you mentioned, you’ll definitely hear it in our press releases or email blasts so stay tuned! "

    Full Interview
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    So there is a bit more hope of 'tales of' games coming over?
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    they took out the refrences to the show? That stinks. Though they coulda just said the assitant was a friend or something. Not like it was a huge refrence.
    I'm just hoping the Japanese voice is intact somehow. The US one sounds so annoying.

    I do hope the second one gets rought over atleast.
    The games are great fun and feel so much like the old games, just almost like another world's games from the eighties. I want more.

    Fragile definitely needs to have a US port. Though I'd patiently wait for a true translation with some good voice acting that might actualy fit the characters. Its a good game as far as I've played it.

    Still, I'm interesting in buying that retro game challenge game. Now if only it had multiplayer and online multiplayer options with 3D avatars representing the players who have custom comments or something when you watch the other person play and take turns working for a high score.
    Just like the old days as a kid with friends.
    Oh man, that game might be overly Japanese but it brings back memories anyway.