GBAtemp Exclusive Interview with Gameforge, the publishers of 'Kingdom Under Fire 2'

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    Last week we had the opportunity to attend the pre-launch press event for Kingdom Under Fire 2. The latter, which releases today, is an MMORPG-RTS hybrid developed by Blueside and published by Gameforge. During the event we had exclusive hands-on time with the game ahead of its release and also interviewed two Gameforge representatives, namely Noemi Feller who is the Lead Product Manager and game designer Martin Fischer, who gave us more details about the game's development from an insider point of view. Note that more specific questions about the game itself couldn't be asked as our playthrough session happened after the interview was scheduled.

    [GBAtemp] Hey there! Thanks for the interview opportunity! So Kingdom Under Fire 2 was announced back in 2008 and with such an ambitious game, it’s understandable that you’d face some challenges, but fans would likely ask: what took so long? Any challenges you’d like to highlight?

    [GBAtemp] With Kingdom Under Fire 2 you are blending the real-time strategy (RTS) and massively multiplayer online (MMO) genres. Do you have a specific demographic you are targeting with this game or you want to appeal to both fans of RTS and MMO?

    [GBAtemp] Are there any plans to bring the game to consoles at this point?

    [GBAtemp] So this is something of a tradition by now with our interviews at GBAtemp, and we’d like to ask you: Who or what is your favorite video game character?

    That was it for the latest entry in our interview series! We would like to thank Gameforge for inviting us to the pre-launch event and for setting up the interview opportunity. Below you will find some exclusive screenshots taken during our pre-launch playthrough:

    ScreenShot_678058_2019_11_5_16_37_13.jpg ScreenShot_678058_2019_11_5_16_50_27.jpg ScreenShot_678058_2019_11_5_16_50_32.jpg ScreenShot_678058_2019_11_5_16_52_28.jpg ScreenShot_678058_2019_11_5_16_52_33.jpg ScreenShot_678058_2019_11_5_16_53_43.jpg ScreenShot_678058_2019_11_5_16_56_59.jpg ScreenShot_678058_2019_11_5_17_8_8.jpg

    Kingdom Under Fire 2 releases today, November 14th, as a pay-to-play title with packages starting from €29.99. Find out more about the game and the different packages available via the link below!

    :arrow: Official Kingdom Under Fire 2 website
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    og xbox versions are also very good games
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    United States
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    Even if the game is subpar, I applaud them for the effort put in advertising.
    I hope they succeed.