Internal and External memories

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  1. RayorDragonFall

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    Mar 15, 2003
    Hey guys, as always, my questions about technical stuff end up here [​IMG].

    My old comp is struggling with the amount of stuff I'm downloading, and it's 40gb disc space just isn't enough for me. Downloading and burning into dvds is a pain, so I've decided to buy some extra memory.

    I was thinking about cons and pros for each type:
    Internal: Not having to get 2.0 USBs, not having something lying arround in the study.
    External: Being able to take it with me is a huge advantage, my old comp "might brake down at any second" and my parents don't want "to pay to take internal memory out and put it into another computer" *sigh*.

    But since I'm not sure I'll be able to decide myself I thought "Well, I'll try to get both then!" lol.
    The computer shop will sort me out for internal memory, but for external I was thinking something not too heavy or bulky, +100 gigs or so would do the deal. Especially because I travel a lot in xmas time and summer holidays and I want to be able to carry a good couple of movies, music, etc, with me. I thought of getting some sort of Ipod, but that's probably just too expensive.
    I had a look on and I found this.
    It's arround 2kg, and not extremly bulky, so I can carry it arround safely in my backpack/suitcase or whatever.

    What do you guys think/use?

  2. jon_jon

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    Jul 9, 2003
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    It seems like you are talking about internal and external hard drives or storage. I did not know they called it internal and external memory in Ireland. The external HD that you linked to should serve your purpose fine. External HDs are good for storage of files but not good for programs that you use regularly on your computer.
  3. Mewgia

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    Dec 16, 2006
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    I have one of those external hard drives that you linked to. It is fairly portable and sturdy, so it should serve you well enough. Keep essential programs on your internal hard drive, everything else on your external. That works well for me (My computer has only 18.5 GBs of internal memory, and being a laptop it is expensive to get a sizable upgrade)
  4. Psyfira

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    Dec 31, 2003
    It's hard disk space, not "memory" (there's another big bit in a computer called memory and you'll confuse people) [​IMG]

    Getting both an internal and an external drive sounds a bit redundant and a waste of money to me, especially if you have to pay for a technician to put the internal hard drive in. (from what you said about your parent's not wanting to pay to get it out I assume you can't do it yourself, so the same would apply for having it put in). But then again you'd have the same charge for having the USB 2.0 ports installed (assuming I've read it right and you don't have them already).

    Personally if I didn't know how to install the drive myself I'd just go for the external with USB2.0. Internal drives are cheaper but leaving the new drive in the computer if it breaks is just a waste. There's lots of other devices that use USB 2.0 like MP3 players, scanners, printers, etc. My sister's using an external hard drive, she has it permenantly plugged in and it's been fine so far. I've got no idea which model she's got exactly.

    And remember that an external hard drive is no excuse to not keep backups on CD/DVDs. If the drive breaks down you'd be stuffed.
  5. Caoimhin

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    Aug 7, 2006
    Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
    I would go for an internal one. I'm not travelling a lot and I also have no problems with changing something inside my PC (like insert a new hard drive).
    About a year ago my dad bought me a 300GB disk, so I removed one of my 80GB-HDDs to attach that one. Now I'm using the 80GB one as an external drive, because I bought something like a IDE>USB "converter". Works great, but I'm not using it often.
  6. RayorDragonFall

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    Mar 15, 2003
    Sorry guys! Translated literally from spanish XD. I guess thats something you get from switching languages on a daily basis.. [​IMG]

    Anyways, I'll probably go with what Psyfira said, and Mewgia says that the external hard drive that I found on amazon should be just fine. 2.0 USBs shouldn't be too expensive anyways, and I'll use them all the time, so yeah, thanks for the help.

    If there's anything else like other brands, models or whatever, I'm not going to be buying stuff just yet so please post them.

    Sorry if I don't make sense, flu and lack of sleep isn't a good combo.
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    ..and get well soon! [​IMG]
    Rest, fluids, and chicken soup and you'll be right as rain in no time.