Interesting Pocket Monsters SRAM corruption during trade


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Dec 29, 2010
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Ok so i am certainly no expert on this, but i am quiet interested in a weird way how this has happen and whats going on, so i have a theory, but first heres the story

Me and my friends are playing Pokemon / Pocket Monsters Emerald. They are playing English, i am playing Japanese. One of the english carts is legit, one is a GBA sized EZflash 3-in-1 with US ROM burnt into NOR, one is EZflash 4 mini-sd card type card with Japanese ROM burnt to NOR, and SRAM image on the SD.

What happened was me and my friend tried to trade, me using EZ 4 and her the 3-in-1. Trade went through, then we shut off our games. Upon loading them back up, the game informed us of save data corruption, and that the data has been erased. It wiped, *both* carts clean of any save data. I was lucky enough to have a SRAM backup hehe, but anyway... I was curious, i wanted to know why this happened, so i theorized this:

These EZ cards look like they have the SRAM mapped to a different address, and they require patching (as many of you know). Now games like Colosseum on the cube, wont touch an EZ with Pocket Monsters burnt to NOR, because the cube is looking at the original cart's SRAM address, whereas the naughty cart (lol) has its SRAM elsewhere, hence it will never work without patching the cube game... Fair enough... But whats really weird is, we tried this trade again, this time from my Jap ROM, to the legit UK cartridge. Upon trade completion, the legit cartridge had kept its save data intact, and had the traded Japanese Pokemon alongside the English. The Japanese naughty cart however had been wiped.

My theory is that during trade, the other game is trying to perform some manner of direct access to the SRAM data (to perform some kind of mid-transfer save?), and that this routine has not been patched properly by the patching software for the EZ carts. I tested this theory by doing the trade once again, but this time, rather than allowing both games to auto-save during/after trade, i did a manual save using the games menu, before shutting the systems off. After starting the games on the naughty carts after trading and performing a manual save, the carts retained their save data, and had the mixed language traded Pokemon as they should do!

So i guess only the standard save mechanism has been patched by EZ's software, and that during trade, something, somewhere (the other cart??) is trying to write to the original SRAM, and screwing up the carts data...

Sorry for the messy messy rant, but i had to get this typed up before i sleep, i am intrigued!

(Side note: A US Plusle and a Japanese ????? died for this knowledge. May their poke-spirits find a safer SRAM! XD)
(Side note 2: I actually do own all those carts, including the legit one, i am just loaning them out so we can play
. I have a legit Japanese Pocket Monsters on the way in the mail too, yay! ????????, here i come XD)



kuronyu said:
????????, here i come XD)
Do you have access to a Japanese Gamecube and Japanese Colosseum along with the Bonus Disk/GBA game?

If so, enjoy the Celebi. It's my personal favorite event Celebi.

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