Intellivision emu for DS?

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Rayder, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Is there an Intellivision emu for DS? I just DL'd one for the PC (Nostalgia is the emu's name) that has ALL the roms (I think) for it as well as all necessary BIOS files, overlays/boxart and manuals and even emulates the Intellivoice games perfectly. Total file size? 28.1megs. Without the overlays/boxart and manuals, it was only 5.28megs. Pretty small, but even at 28.1megs it should be doable on the DS....and would likely still be smaller than that since the overlays/boxarts would be shrunk down to fit the DS screen. (boxarts could be completely forgotten about for all I care though)

    The DS is the perfect platform for an Intellivision emu since it could use the touchscreen for the overlay buttons as well as actually displaying the overlay itself, which is something that ruins Intellivision gaming on anything else. Then there are the control issues....
    For the PC, you either have to use the keyboard exclusively or a whack combo of keyboard and controller to play and that just sucks, especially since you can't see the overlay while you're playing a game. All those silly little problems would be completely eliminated on the DS.

    While the Intellivision is quite primitive by even yesterday's standards (LOL), it would still be cool to have on the DS. And since it's so primitive, I imagine it technically COULD be done quite easily on DS. Or am I completely wrong?

    I know that a company called "Intellivision Lives" is waiting for a publisher for their compilation for the DS, but it will have only 40 of the 100+ games for the system, which is why I figure a homebrew Inty emu would be better.

    So....does such an emu exist or even being worked on? If not, it would be a good one to get going seeing as how the DS is uniquely suited to the task and no other system could possibly match the controls as well as the DS could.

    What say you?
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    Yes, I'm resurrecting this post -- IntellivisionProductions still hasn't found a publisher for Intellivision Lives DS, and it's been like 3 years... anyone else interested in having one made? C'mon... Deadly Discs, Dreadnaught Factor, Astrosmash, Demon Attack, Burgertime...!
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    Doesnt seem that hard... i want to play jumpman on my ds:(