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    Dec 29, 2003
    So, a couple of months ago - I successfully downgraded my US Wii from 3.4 to 3.2 (with HBC and rev 9) and installed Gamma 0.3. Every game has been working fine for me ever since, except for the Monster Hunter Tri demo.

    I've heard that it runs just fine with the SoftMii Disc Channel though so, I thought I'd give this SoftMii-thingy a chance.

    So the question I have now is: how? [​IMG]'

    It seems that SoftMii 3.0 still haven't been released so I the latest version should then be 2.1.1 which I have already downloaded. There was a guide on how to install everything included but I just wanna make sure I do it right.

    1. Run HBC, load the SoftMii Nand Browser, install 00000042.APP for US.
    2. Load AnyRegionChanger 1.1 M5.
    3. Select "Options", look at the mid-bottom options, set for 3.2U and click GO, then answer Yes
    4. Answer No when asked about Korean Disc Loading.
    5. Answer Yes about installing Special Starfall type-hacks. Reboot with the Home-button when finished.
    6. Install Pre Loader.
    7. Select "System Hacks" and enable hacks as wanted. Save.
    8. Enter "Settings" and set auto boot: System. Save.
    9. Use "Load System Menu" for getting back to the System Menu.
    10. Run HBC and start the CIOSCORP installer. Exit and reboot.


    It'd be nice to hear from someone who were previously on 3.2 and are now running SoftMii [​IMG]
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