Installing Haxchi Twice for redNAND and sysNAND ?

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    Apr 21, 2017
    Currently I am using a 128GB SD card for Mocha CFW on redNAND.

    The underlying problem is the lack of space for installing game backups. While I do not wish to dedicate an external HDD solely for the Wii U, I would like to be able to instal backup games on the SD card as well as system memory.

    1) So the first question is whether I can safely install Haxchi twice for two (different) Haxchi-compatible games. As I already use Mocha CFW on redNAND, this would mean installing Mocha (or another CFW) on another Haxchi compatible game, only this time it would be a sysNAND instalation.

    Follow-up question:

    2) Can I install Mocha CFW on sysNAND using the same SD card I am using to run Mocha on rednNAND

    Also, I have another 64GB SD card to spare.

    3) Is there a tool to clone my 128GB SD card into my spare 64GB one (assuming 128GB has 64GB+ free space) so that I could run Mocha CFW on redNAND using the clone SD card. The point would be to have different games installed on each one.
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    I'm not sure what you're going on about here.

    Mocha CFW is never installed onto your console. It runs solely from the SD Card via Haxchi, CBHC or the Homebrew Launcher. In fact, to run redNAND, you have to launch Mocha CFW first, so there's no point running it again.

    If you want to use a sysNAND CFW, Mocha can be configured to launch without redNAND support on its menu (hold B while booting Mocha if you don't see it), though it is likely easier to use Haxchi's built-in CFW capabilities.

    1) Yes, Haxchi can indeed be installed more than once. If you have a Haxchi title on redNAND but not on sysNAND, simply re-download the same game to your sysNAND. This will save you money (assuming that you didn't get Brain Training for free).

    2) Yep, the same SD card that you use for redNAND can be used for sysNAND CFW as well, as long as you have a way to launch a CFW on sysNAND (Haxchi, CBHC, Mocha configured to not use redNAND).

    3) In order for this to work, you will have to copy raw sectors of your SD card, and unfortunately, I don't know what these sectors are or how to retrieve them manually. You would be better off launching redNAND again on the new SD card and re-dumping your console's memory. Then you can still delete games from your new redNAND, and install new games there.
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  3. lordelan

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    Jan 4, 2015
    I never used redNAND but I have 2 Haxchi games installed:
    Yoshi Touch & Go: Launches Haxchi CFW (as it's the fastest) or HBL by pressing A
    Brain Age: Launches Mocha CFW (as it's needed for SaveMii) or Mocha CFW with FAT32 support by pressing A

    Works superb.
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    I have several HaxChi installs for various homebrew apps but yeah, I don't use RedNAND either. No reason really