1. Flabbergash

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    Jan 2, 2019
    United Kingdom
    Hi all,

    A few months ago I bought a WiiU from eBay which "came with loads of games", which is great for me, I've been to this theme park before so I know how it works.

    It was all working fine up until about a week ago, the hard drive (that plugs in via USB) that was working fine now needs to be "formatted" to function properley, and all the games there were on the home screen (WiiU, Wii, SNES games) are no longer there. The only thing that appears on the home screen is Haxchi, which, as far as I can tell, runs OK, still has the Gamecube emulator and games on it.

    Now obviously this hard drive must have contained all of the games but something's happened to it - I had to reformat it since the Wii wouldn't recognise it anymore. So all the games I've had on there are gone.

    FF to today, I've tried putting new games on with the USB transfer tool. I can download them fine, no problem. The problem comes when transferring/installing

    Problem 1: If I format a USB stick on a PC to transfer the games to, the WiiU won't read it. If I format it through the WiiU so it will, the PC won't read it, and I can't transfer anything to it from the PC.

    Problem 2: I can "transfer" from the WiiU USB transfer tool on the PC over to the WiiU USB tool in the HBL, it seems to send OK, but, when I try to install, it seems to "crash" to the Mii Maker screen?

    I get the progress bar (0/0%) then it goes over to the mii maker screen =/

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have to figure this out before the kid realises I've lost her BOTW save

    Thanks in advance!
  2. dojafoja

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    Jan 2, 2014
    You seem to be a bit confused about how the install process works. You don't transfer anything from your PC to your USB device. The correct process does like this:
    1. Format your USB device on your WiiU console.
    2. Download your titles using a NUS downloader
    3. Remove any special characters and/or any NON-ASCII unicode from any of the file names.
    4. Insert an SD card into your PC and copy your downloaded game folder into SD:/install/
    5. Put the SD card into your WiiU
    6. If you are planning to install a title with a fake/generated ticket, launch a CFW of your choice. Otherwise no CFW is needed to install.
    7. Launch Wupinstaller from HBL and install your title.
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