Hacking Installing CFG USB Loader: needs cIOSes AND d2x AND IOS236 AND NUS Downloader too?


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Jan 18, 2017
United States
I really hope I'm being an idiot here and am missing something easy...I'm just trying to get Configurable USB Loader to run on my softmodded Wii. Can anybody tell me if this is what I have to do, which seems like WAY more pre-requisites than should be needed to run it...but it looks like in order to get CFG USB Loader to run I need cIOSes to be installed...which needs d2x installed...which first needs IOS236 installed...which needs NUS Downloader? Has my google-fu failed me?

I'm hitting brick walls left and right. IOS236 fails to install because it's missing the 236 .WAD file. NUS Downloader (which I read to use to get the WAD) doesn't have the 236 .wad in any list I see... when I view all the websites people (or Google) point me too the download links are broken left and right...just problems all the way around.

Is there an easier way to do this? What am I missing?

Was also trying to get nintendont running (which I read is built into UCB CFG Loader now?) but always get the "this is not a valid Wii application" application, which I've likewise read needs IOS236 to be installed...so I'm stuck in a nasty circle here and can't get it up and running...

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